Oct 05

STAB! 046 – Regrabmuh Leinad

In this geometrically inconsistent episode of STAB!, John Ross asks guests Joe-Joe Louis, Daniel Humbarger and Jesse Jones to talk on subjects such as Martyr’s Day in Libya, hurdler Kevin Young, Back to the Future themed tragedy, the Xerox 914, B.B. King’s birth, the 1920 JP Morgan bombing, Musiq Soulchild, Guangxi WeChat tragedy haiku, the tourism guides for FuckIT-Opolis, The Wrong Side Of The Tracks-Ville & MachoMan-ivania, touching vows to “the blame shifting cheater”, Michael Brown & “that bitch who can eat whatever she wants and never gain a pound” and a pile of creepy entangled panelist date poetry.

STAB! 046 - Regrabmuh Leinad

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