Dec 25

STAB! 057 – Dreidel to the Grave

STABmas, it’s a time for family, and winless causes. It’s a time for sharing and shouting impotently into the emptiness. It’s a time for joy, cheer and accepting that things are not, have not, and never will be okay. STABmas: it’s all this and so much more!

Jolly ol’ St. John Ross asks helpers Ben Rice, Danielle Mandella and Jesse Jones what’s on their STABmas lists and it’s as you would expect: Marshall Fields confusion, Rickey Henderson, Civil War pardons, James Brown’s death, ovariotomies, Dido, a triplet of HOHOHOs, fifteen Christmas character Google searches, the synopsis’ of made-up movies “Frosty the Snowman 2”, “Kwanzaa Man” & “Red Nose”, and angry poems about candy canes, comfort & joy and telling Santa what you want for Christmas.

STABmas comes but once a year, but the emptiness of knowing that you are an insignificant cog in an infinite machine which won’t even be forgotten, because something has to ever have been known in the first place to be able to be forgotten– is forever.

STAB! 057 – Dreidel to the Grave

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