Jan 04

STAB! 059 – Almos Zehr!

You like comedy, jah? M-hmm, comedy iz sexy funny. Iz good for making laugh at word play unt hijinx, jah? You should listen to SHTAB! zen. SHTAB! izun good comedy time for sure.

Unt on zis episode of SHTAB!, host John Ross chats wiff funny mans Brett Stults and Jesse Jones about such sings as Dr. Pepper, South Africa, NASA, Wilt Chamberlain, six German porn store fire haiku, the top ten Google searches of Throbbin’ Hood, sales pitches for poor business ventures: Your MySpace Store & Norm Dorman’s Door to Door Doors, and dating profiles for a Syrian Refugee & the Sun God Tammuz.

You finish? Zat vas good times, jah? Sure. Listen more then why don’t you? More good times to be had. So good.

STAB! 059 – Almos Zehr!

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