May 02

STAB! 078 – Fueled By Sandwiches

Give me bread, give me cheese, give me all the fixins that I please! Subway runs through me! Quiznos lights my way! All hail the great and powerful Blimpie!

STAB! host John Ross sandwiches a bunch of topics between sound effects and asks Kim Martel, Jeff Brown and Jesse Jones about National Doctor’s Day, Celine Dion, Detective Comics #27, Ronald Reagan’s Assassination Attempt, the pencil patent, Red Hickey, a trio of different DUHs, nine Haiku about bounce house mortality, tourism guides to the cities, Mistletoe-pia, Something’s-In-Your-Teeth-ville, & Tartar-Sauce-ington, and the dating profiles of a poor man’s Mariah Carey, Seal, & Kate Gosselin.

Chips alone will not deliver you, only as a side for the bread ensconced vessel. And a soda would be nice too, though I guess water would technically be better…

STAB! 078 – Fueled By Sandwiches

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