May 24

STAB! 081 – Who’s Got the Launch Codes?

Has anyone seen, it’s like, a red binder. There’s nothing on the outside, it’s just red. Like, flat red, not glossy or anything. It should be really easy to see. That’s why they made it red…

Well, while we’re looking for that, this episode of STAB! Sees host John Ross ask guests Ben Feldman, Shahera Hyatt and Jesse Jones their thoughts about the Anti National Service Riots, Hildrun Claus, Finland’s National Anthem, Jim Shoulders, Velco’s trademark, Darius Rucker, three takes on AC/F’n R, fifteen Google searches of Pixar characters, synopses for made-up movies, “Lady Boner Jesus”, “Lord of the Files”, & “Cramps!”, and erotic poems about the Cuban Missile Crisis, marine biology, and steak & eggs.

Now, it’s kind of important that we get that binder in the general’s hands in the next 15 seconds guys, so… Okay, you know what? We’re all just going to close our eyes and whoever has the binder, just toss it on the desk, no questions asked. It’s SUPER important guys.

STAB! 081 - Who’s Got the Launch Codes?

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