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May 24

STAB! 081 – Who’s Got the Launch Codes?

Has anyone seen, it’s like, a red binder. There’s nothing on the outside, it’s just red. Like, flat red, not glossy or anything. It should be really easy to see. That’s why they made it red… Well, while we’re looking for that, this episode of STAB! Sees host John Ross ask guests Ben Feldman, Shahera …

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Dec 07

STAB! 054 – Inverse Fellatio

Turnabout is fair play, or so they say, and on this day, you’ll know right away, that it is so, don’t put on a show, like you didn’t already know, about the joys of Inverse Fellatio. STAB! host John Ross hosts directly at guests Nick Brunner, Danielle Mandella and Jesse Jones as they get into …

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May 04

STAB! 026 – Wine in the Corner

STAB! is like American Football, you’ve gotta stick and move, keep your opponent on their toes and sink your free throws. There’s no “i” in STAB!, we leave it all on the field, we give 110% and it ain’t over ‘till it’s over. It’s 40-Love, top of the 9th, par 4, we’ve got a wall …

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Apr 28

STAB! 025 – Underground Karate Tournament

Some bad ass just kidnapped the president’s daughter, and the only way to stop one bad ass, is with four badder asses. STAB! could try calling those bad asses, but it would be a waste of time ‘cause they’re already on their way, jack! Led by twelve star Admiral General John Ross, the elite fighting …

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