Dec 07

STAB! 054 – Inverse Fellatio

Turnabout is fair play, or so they say, and on this day, you’ll know right away, that it is so, don’t put on a show, like you didn’t already know, about the joys of Inverse Fellatio.

STAB! host John Ross hosts directly at guests Nick Brunner, Danielle Mandella and Jesse Jones as they get into discussing such subjects as the Antipope, Kirk Hammet, William Tell, Jonestown, Prince Carl, Johnny Christ, a nonagon of Barbie Boy Commercial haiku, a triplet of MSGs, erotic poems about Paul Giamati, Danielle’s personal finances & Pixar films and invites to Bathless Bath Houses, a T-Rex Town’s Vegan Cafe and a new French Comedy Club.

Now go on and smile, ‘cause once in a while, amongst the bile, so juvinile, you might just get, without regret, on this here internet, something you couldn’t possibly forget. Inverse Fellatio.

STAB! 054 – Inverse Fellatio

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