Nov 30

STAB! 053 – When Edward Met Bernie

One’s an NSA whistleblower stranded in the harsh Russian wilderness, while the other is an energizing presidential candidate! It’s a connection that you might not make at first, but once you hear their story, you’ll never be able to un-hear it!

John Ross hosts guests Stephen Furey, Jon Gomora and Jesse Jones through the WACKY world of STAB! and such topics as Japanese Prime Minister Assassinations, Markie Post, Mary Princess of Orange, the establishment of the NSA, National Tonga Day, Genie the Feral Child, the top fifteen Google searches of Genie the Feral Child, the dating profiles of the inventor of Trap music, spaghetti & a Genie, three different CPSes and the tourism guides for Divebaropolis, Jackson Fiveatopia & The Island of Sick Beats.

Love isn’t always easy, but just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying for! So follow your heart and listen to STAB! and who knows, maybe love truly CAN conquer all!

STAB! 053 – When Edward Met Bernie

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