Nov 23

STAB! 052 – Tangerine

STAB! is a show not unlike any other… No? Yes. It has the comedy, does it not? Of course STAB! has the comedy. And it has the guests, the audience, the smoothies… the Tangerine.

STAB! host John Ross hosts Stephen Ferris, Coreen Lemcke and Jesse Jones in talks about such subjects as Barack Obama, Laura Bush, the battle of Wabash, Andy Rooney, Egypt Love Day, Jane Goodall, nine haiku haiku on the subject of white, middle aged, mortality, a trio of different SWFs, movie synopsisies for made-up films “The End of Thyme”, “Ewe Da Man” & “The Story of Flan”, and finally angry poems about previous relationships, bounce houses & the fundamentals of basketball.

It is now over, the STAB!, but it will return again, to comedy, to laugh, to smoothie, to nacho, to make love to many beautiful women. Am I STAB!? Ahh, no, WE are STAB!, yes? Yeeess.

STAB! 052 – Tangerine

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