Nov 16

STAB! 051 – Taco Bell Poem for STAB! Podcast

Audio comedy show. Comedy mans talking comedy at audience. Funny good evening. Hilarity? Sure. Camaraderie? Of course. STAB! Comedy. Podcast. Go.

John Ross hosts this STAB! at Joey Avery, Torio Van Grol and Jesse Jones while they discuss topic prompts about Christopher Columbus, Godzilla, Japanese Culture Day, Dolph Lundgren, highwayman John Austin, Roseanne Barr, a trio of LGBTQIAs, a nonagon of workplace beheading Haiku, vows to assholes “the guy who always makes everything a competition”, roid rage & daylight savings time and erotic poems about murder suicide, the Taco Bell menu and hard candy.

Applause, appreciation sounds. STAB! is good times, no? Listen to more. Thank you you’re welcome.

STAB! 051 – Taco Bell Poem for STAB! Podcast

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