May 04

STAB! 026 – Wine in the Corner

Coach John Ross leads an all-star squad of Luke Soin, Joe-Joe Louis and Jesse Jones as they discuss such varied topics as: the search for Joey Ramone’s lost Hymen, Abraham Lincoln inspired bath tub ice cream, the perfect Titanic memorial McDonalds meal, Robin Thicke’s divorce, Bozophobia, new self-defense techniques, Hillary Chipotle haiku, kids with ideas, Pixar’s first erotic thriller, bullying instructional materials and the sales ads for the newly acquired gently used belongings of an existential murderist, Joe-Joe’s childhood dreams and enthusiastically employed gay conversion paraphernalia to a loving home. So remember, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it only matters who’s buying the snow cones after the game.

STAB! 026 - Wine in the Corner

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