Apr 28

STAB! 025 – Underground Karate Tournament

Some bad ass just kidnapped the president’s daughter, and the only way to stop one bad ass, is with four badder asses. STAB! could try calling those bad asses, but it would be a waste of time ‘cause they’re already on their way, jack!

Led by twelve star Admiral General John Ross, the elite fighting force of Chris Emery, Jordan Gannon, Jesse Jones and Corky McDonnell are dishing out justice via stories of Coca-Cola filled fat suit metaphors, the Yuba Sutter Sunday Cycle Social, our lord and savior Jesus Christ, the futility of war and game shows, Walmart style child rearing, sinister vagina, tentative Christian rap rock, velocipedes, “Rizzyvippers”, not too soon Flight 9525 Google searches, romantic silent comedy, Pixar’s heart wrenching tale of the death of the postal service, tasteful peenitration, sure, starchy action adventure, Jordan’s irate “patrents”, show pony appendages, and daughter raising emotion.

So stand down Mr. President, Underground Karate Tournament is on the case. Now the only crisis your daughter’s facing, is choosing which of her muscular saviors is going to get mouth thank yous first. Rated PG-13 for awesome kicks and sweet judo throws it’s Underground Karate Tournament!

STAB! 025 – Underground Karate Tournament

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