Oct 31

STAB! 094 – Best of “Location, Location, Location” Volume 1

If you go someplace, you’re in a location. Hell, even if you don’t go someplace, you’re still in a location. You can’t go anywhere without being somewhere, dig?

STAB! guy, John Ross, guides you on a journey of locations with locationistas, Tyler Kinney, Luke Soin, Jaclyn Weiand, Nick Brunner, Jaime Fernandez, Alfonso Portela, Zach Coles, Aviva Siegel, Johnny Taylor, Edgar Granados and Jesse Jones. Let them introduce you to slum laundromats, limbless exercise studios and the sad realization that ain’t nothin’ ever gonna be better than it is now.

Did you listen to all five Best of Volume 1s? If not, do it now, if so, do it again, because it’s super best of, so it’s as good as we can do, so, it’s good, is what I’m saying. Okay, bye.

STAB! 094 – Best of “Location, Location, Location” Volume 1

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