Nov 21

STAB! 095 – Babies Eat Dreams

In this dream devouring episode of STAB!, John Ross welcomes Nick Brunner, Becky Lynn and Jesse Jones, all babies once, to share their thoughts on subjects like Cuban trade embargos, John Lithgow, Peter Bone, the first US Mail Truck, the World’s Largest Gold Nugget, Steve McPeak, three different THOTs, explanations of Trick or Treating to a shanty town child, spontaneous human combustion to a class of forensic science majors and birth control to a 38 year old father of three host of STAB!, the results of fights between Public Radio Listeners v. Juggalos, Sheep Shearers v. Competitive Eaters & Rock v. Paper v. Scissors, and a bevvy of haiku on Hindu Ceremony stampedings.

STAB! 095 - Babies Eat Dreams

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