Nov 20

STAB! 108 – The Art Garfunkel of Belushi Siblings

Not everyone is a John, or a Paul. Some of the world is Jim and Art. Who are you? Are you sure? Because while in your mind you might be The Only Living Boy in New York, everyone else might see John’s annoying brother.

In this loved or hated episode of STAB!, host John Ross grills guests Cory Barringer, Amy Estes and Jesse Jones about National “Love Your Red Hair Day”, artificial rabbit insemination, the American Birth Control League, Ike Turner, Art Garfunkel, Franklin D. Roosevelt, nine haiku about a hooker stabbing a 70 year old change paying John, three different POUNDs, explanations of Barbra Streisand to Barbra Streisand fans, religion to a cat, and celibacy to a buck in rut season, and erotic poems about the impending race war, a tinder date with Jesus, and a farrier.

So, take a look around your peer group. Are you the one that everyone looks forward to seeing, or do you not have a peer group? You just might be Jim, and nobody wants to think about that.

STAB! 108 - The Art Garfunkel of Belushi Siblings

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