Feb 12

STAB! 119 – On Golden Pond

It’s often difficult to hold back our appreciations. When you see a special, one of a kind talent, you want to burst! To gush all over, showering them with your love. STAB! Is like that.

On this very special, sopping wet episode of STAB!, host John Ross asks guests Aviva Siegel, Land Smith-Abbinante and Jesse Jones to give him three different takes on WHACKs, twelveish haiku about Long Island Park employee cucking, their thoughts on French horse beef, Ashton Kutcher, William V, United States shoe rationing, Jacksepticeye, Jane Fonda, synopses of made up movies: “Tae Bo Bow Tie”, “Horse Divorce” & “Back to the Furniture” and slam poems about your grandma, the Denny’s Menu & The Spice Girls.

Letting all that love out, it’s such a relief, but at the same time can sort of leave you feeling empty inside. That’s just how love is I guess.

STAB! 119 - On Golden Pond

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