Feb 26

STAB! 121 – Like A Coldplay Concert

STAB! and Coldplay have more in common than it might initially seem on the surface. Both STAB! and Coldplay are mainly enjoyed aurally. Both STAB! and Coldplay perform live. I mean, the list goes on and on.

Join host John Ross as he leads Ray Molina, Jaime Fernandez & Jesse Jones through this Coldplay like episode of STAB!, discussing their three different takes on HASBEENs, fifteen Google searches from our five year old selves, their thoughts on NASCAR’s anniversary, Lucy B. Hobbs, Donald Davis, “A Woman to Remember”, Bob Fitzsimmons vs. Peter Maher, Jimmy Swaggart, synopses for made up movies “Flute Loose”, “You’ve Got Junk Mail”, & “Sleepless and She Tattles”, and erotic poems about Cinco de Mayo, the Jackson Five, and Five Guys Burger and Fries.

Coldplay and STAB! as alike as two things have ever been in the history of recorded ever. So alike they often get mistaken in public. And hey, have you ever seen STAB! and Coldplay in public together? Shhh…

STAB! 121 - Like A Coldplay Concert

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