Feb 19

STAB! 120 – Fabio’s Orphans

In a very real way, we are all Fabio’s children. In a very real way, none of us are Fabio’s children. We live with this want, knowing we will never have it, nor do we deserve it.

This painful truth and others hover above this episode of STAB! as host John Ross prods guests Benton Harshaw, Allie Yada and Jesse Jones, for their respective takes on ALMOST, a dozen or so IKEA magazine urination pregnancy test haiku, their thoughts on Howard Stern, North Korea’s ​Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4, Bjorn Borg, Madonna, Jim Nabors, Disney’s Pinocchio, the Google searches of each panelist’s personal favorite body parts, and the dating profiles of Aziz Ansari, humanity in its current state, and Barron Trump.

Every day is met with the crushing knowledge that when the door it knocked, then the phone is rung, on the other side, on the other end, Fabio is not waiting. Yet we carry on, as we must, through the pain.

STAB! 120 - Fabio’s Orphans

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