May 21

STAB! 128 – STAB! Beef Two: Beef Squashed!

Old wounds heal. Friendships renewed. Time is the most soothing balm. Sometimes, just staying the hell away from each other for a while works wonders. A watched beef never squishes… Or something.

In this healing episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Mike Cella, Danielle Mandella and Jesse Jones to share their three new takes on F.U.C… and the other one, fifteen Google Searches from Jesus’ brother James, in addition to their other various thoughts on subjects like Swedish Chef Magnus Lindgren, John Heinz, the Kennel Club, Susanna M. Salter, the first artificial heart, sculptor Grinling Gibbons, synopsees of made-up movies “Count the Monte Cristos”, “Harry Poppins”, and “Fischer-Price Super Scar”, and erotic poems about Crocs Footwear, the Trump/Russia investigation, and falling down while roller skating.

So go on, think about that person you really gots a mad on for, why not see if you still hate them as much as you used ta did. If not, wait longer. Don’t do anything else, just wait. It’ll work, eventually.

STAB! 128 - STAB! Beef Two: Beef Squashed!

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