Jun 05

STAB! 129 – Fraggle Scraps

Stringy and unsatisfying, the nutritional value of Fraggle has long been known to be negligible, but it wasn’t for their meat that early pioneers hunted Fraggle. It was their soft, brightly colored pelts.

On this edutaining episode of STAB!, host and scholar John Morris Ross IV welcomes inquisitive minds Drew Absher, Cory Barringer and Jesse Jones to share their knowledge of three new ARTs, nine 7-11 microwaved pee bottle haiku, and their additional random thoughts on Marie Antoinette, Louis-Auguste, Studs Terkel Mass Graves Day, Sonny Sandoval, Jim Henson, the Oregon Trail, erotic/angry poems about Homogenized milk, Band-Aides, & Popcorn Shrimp, and the dating profiles of Sour Patch Kids, the Constitution of The United States of America, and a honey pot.

The trade of Fraggle hide helped shape the development of the early South West and seeded the landscape for centuries with their dazzling, eye catching bones, or as they came to be called “turquoise”.

STAB! 129 - Fraggle Scraps

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