Jun 19

STAB! 130 – The Trickle Nickel

Need admission to the Gumball Rally? All you need is a Trickle Nickel. Lookin’ for some quality italian cuisine? You need a plate of Petty Spaghetti. NASCAR puns? Oh yeah, we’ve got ‘em by the Yarborough.

On this breakneck, high octane episode of STAB!, host John Ross welcomes pit crew Luke Soin, Christiana Dominguez and Jesse Jones to share with the grandstands full of STAB!heads three new takes on LUNAS, 15 Google searches from the State of Palestine, their thoughts on the first Academy Awards, C. Everett Koop, the nickel, Dick Trickle, Liberace, the Casablanca terrorist attacks, wedding vows to bread that goes bad too fast, the San Andreas Fault, & an empty cereal box, and tourism guides to Asthma-town, Stick-it-in-ington, & Reap-what-you-sow-vania.

So, that’s Labonte there is to it… It’s been one wild Waltrip… Something left turns. And, you know, checkered flag, I think… Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt.

STAB! 130 - The Trickle Nickel

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