Jan 11

STAB! 155 – The Goodest Boy

Go that way. Push play button that way. Play episode. Play episode and listen to episode. Be good, do the thing, listen to the show. It’s good. It’s the goodest.

In this goodest episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes good boys Bill Wallis, Jeff Brown and Jesse Jones to share their three different SKINs, the top nine Google Searches of Zombie George H. W. Bush, and their thoughts on Scientology’s Flag Base Day, the great storm of 1703, the “Blue Marble” photo, Junaid Jamshed, same sex Australia’s marriage, Duncan McNaughton, clean re-imaginings of of existing porn movie titles, “Gagged Men Tell No Tales”, “With Milf and Sugar Please 5”, and “Mama’s Cock Greedy Volume 8”, and the dating profiles of a Salvation Army Bell Ringing Santa, a Sour Patch Kid, and a pack of sled dogs.

Go that way. Go to the other episodes of the show. Play other good episodes. Some episodes are gooder than others, but those are still good episodes. They try hard. They’re good too. Like this one. But this one is goodest.

STAB! 155 - The Goodest Boy

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