Feb 19

STAB! 160 – The Great Show

The highest highs, the lowest lows. As Joe-Joe himself says still a full 20 minutes before the end of the Little House on the Prairie theme music: “This is the best episode of STAB! Ever.” What does that mean? Just try to listen for yourself and find out.

Presiding over the madness that is episode 160 of STAB! John Morris Ross IV guides guests Joe-Joe Louis, Danielle Mandella, Court Hansen and Jesse Jones through their four MURDERs, TWENTY Google searches from a Zombie Mean Gene Okerlund, their thoughts on World Braille Day, Topsy the Elephant, David Robinson, Iron Eyes Cody, Day of Martyrs, Samuel Colt, Roller Skates, the State of the Union, erotic poems about the UFC, commemorative plates, Louis CK, and basketball teams, and finally the synopsis of made-up movies: “The Mysterious Homeless Army”, “Quaint Fizz”, “Start Thunder Mind”, and “Discrete Twig Supply”.

Hard falls and great redemption, this episode is an epic journey through the very soul of STAB! It is a war on the audience and a triumph of the human spirit. This is, The Great Show.

STAB! 160 - The Great Show

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