Feb 26

STAB! 164 – Get Your Pants Into Trouble

Lookin’ for a fun hour of ear filler? Boy howdy, you done hit the jackpot, ‘cause that’s the exact type thing we got here, ready ta give your shirt a tuck and ruffle them boot cuts!

In this problematic episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Joe-Joe Louis, Luke Soin, Kim Martel and Jesse Jones to share their four different SHAMEs, twelve pee soaked bologna haiku, their thoughts on National Serpent Day, Sonny & Cher, Bubble Gun Day, Space Shuttle Columbia, Queen Isabella, Jim Morrison, Ronda Rousey, Empress Tzu-hsi, business pitches for a Gillette razor salesman in a town of sexy lumberjacks, a random breast milk salesman, selling Bill Cosby back to Jell-O, & selling scat style singing lessons to scatological pornography fans, and wedding vows to Kim Davis, Willie Brown, an over prescribing doctor, & the man who keeps leaving pee soaked bologna on a woman’s door.

Now you better hot step it on outta this zip ‘fore the trouser fuzz show up ‘n hit you with a ticket to supender town. Don’t get my jibe? No skittle, neither do the fingy tip tap clatter snap! Spa-JOING!

STAB! 164 – Get Your Pants Into Trouble

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