Apr 04

STAB! 171 – Mother Earth

Well here’s a podcast and it’s easy to see, it’s fun for the entire family, from Mom to Day, the kids or the cat, your ear havin’ frineds will tell you it’s all that. Words!

In this mostly non-rhyming episode of STAB!, Mix Master John Morris Ross IV welcomes DJs, Court Hansen, Josh Kinkade, Christy Farley and Jesse Jones to spit hot fire about their four different ALLERGIES, twelve haiku about kids playing darts with used syringes, their thoughts on National Puppy Day, World Water Day, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Illinois Gender Equality, the first laser, Bob Costas, Tara Lipinski, the 54 hour Dutch work week, wedding vows to an unexpectedly tart candy, an overflowing toilet, a person who doesn’t clean up their own dog’s poop, & a City of Sacramento employee, and erotic poems about chicken breeds, cubicles, alimony payments, & mowing the lawn.

Noooow there’s a little story ‘bout this episode, so why not relax, take off a load, give yourself a treat for your ears and you’ll soon have all the respect of your peers. Wordy word WORD!

STAB! 171 - Mother Earth

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