Jun 13

STAB! 175 – Every F Is A

You all worried ‘bout your position in this whole big dumb universe? Man, don’t even sweat it, ‘cause every Fool is Alright! Is that what the title of this episode is actually referring to? As far as the sites distributing this needs to know: yes.

In this what you hear is what you get episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes straight shooters Jason B., Zac Zealot, Marco Cabodi and Jesse Jones to share their very specific four different takes on HIGHAF, twelve magnetic ball surgery haiku, their thoughts on Dutch American Friendship Day, Charles Darwin, May West, the USS Iowa, the Pragmatic Sanction, the Yankees dugout, The Simpsons, El Samurai, wedding vows to a stepped on lego, George Zimmerman, Bluto, & an amalgam of every boss Jesse’s had, and the Tourism Guides for Brandonatopia, Jigsawopolis, Mywayilvania, & Virgin Marysville.

If you’ve made it this far, that’s probably farther than anyone’s made it in the 174 before this one, so good for you, but you should probably still listen to the episode. So go on. Do that!

STAB! 175 - Every F Is A

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