Jul 03

STAB! 180 – Hepatitis Hot Tub

Chlamydia Sauna. Herpes Wading Pool. Hepatitis Hot Tub. None of these things are good. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying them because they’re good. I’m just… saying.

In this icky, drippy, burning episode of STAB!, squeaky clean John Morris Ross IV hosts iffy guests Ryan King, David Coleman & Jesse Jones inviting them to share their three different takes on SCHLUMP, nine Google searches from rejected breakfast cereal mascots, their thoughts on Mary Had a Little Lamb, Kim Karsahian, Kanye West, Igor Sikorski, Icelandic Independence, John Brown, & Bret Michaels, the synopsis of made-up movies, “Acquire Seat Flesh”, “Come Hair Island”, & “Fancy Stomach Hands”, and battle rap verses against the entire group of Democratic primary candidates, a shoplifting teenager, & Jesse’s credit score.

Syphilis SodaStream. Ghonnerhea… Moped? I don’t know. This world is just gross. Wear gloves is what I’m saying. All over. Don’t lick anything without, like, paperwork backing it up. Just, blech…

STAB! 180 - Hepatitis Hot Tub

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