Jul 18

STAB! 182 – Hoark It Down

Scarf it! Slurp it! Gobble it! Hoark it down! When a nibble won’t do and don’t even get me started on a bite, you need that in you, whole and true! Stuff that needs to be in you and you need it now!

In this belly buster of an episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones steps in to host Christy Farley, Danielle Mandella and Jack Brown and asks them for their three takes on VHS, nine New York Ice Cream truck traffic fine haiku, their picks in fights between a wishing well full of orphan kissed nickels and a dream journal full of lines written in glitter gel ink, a stonemason with french braids vs. a french stoner named Mason Brady, & This vs. That, their craigslist postings for selling a storage unit full of Men In Black II VHS tapes, the rights to a screenplay about selling someone the right to a screenplay, & a pair of boxing gloves made of live kittens, and the dating profiles of a secretly illiterate librarian, a disheartened conspiracy theorist, & a VCR.

Unbutton your jeans and let that gut breathe. You don’t hoark a tiny morsel, you can only hoark that which should not be attempted. So let it digest a while and know that you remember now why you don’t usually hoark anything if you’re able.

STAB! 182 - Hoark It Down

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