Aug 19

STAB! 186 – Reagan!

This episode of STAB! Is the Reaganest episode of anything that’s ever been! Which is to say it means so much to so many, but probably shouldn’t because its importance and place in history has been distorted in order to over emphasize things which were at best minor moments and at worst manipulated wholesale into a narrative which benefits whomever chooses to twist its meaning into whatever direction most fits their needs! Reagan!

In this Reagantastic episode of STAB! Gipper John Morris Ross IV welcomes Christiana Dominguez, Jack Brown, Alyssa Cowan & Jesse Jones to share their four takes on RUBIT, 20 Google searches from Jesus Christ, their thoughts on the Medal of Honor, Axl Rose, King Henry VIII, Ronald Reagan’s colon, the National Personnel Records Center, Brock Lesnar, Okobe Nigeria, William Goodale, wedding vows to a person who loves their cat more than their fiance, that person who has no regard for buffet sneeze guards, a person who wants to take all the monetary gifts from the wedding and buy a pair of Yeezys for themself, & that person who trims their toe nails in your car, and tourism guides to Oh-that’s-big-ington, Curly-Chris-Crossed-or-Regular-Fly-Heights, Five Town, & The Nation of Observation.

Yeah! Sup?! Reagan!

STAB! 186 - Reagan!

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