Aug 26

STAB! 187 – Fun Having

It’s a special Joe-Joe Has Fun themed episode of STAB! It’s just like Joe-Joe Has Fun, except there’s no video games, and in all other tangible ways!

In this super fun episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones guest hosts guest guests Jeff Brown, Kim Martel & Joe-Joe Louis and asks them to share their three different NASAs, non-gender specific Berkeley municipal coding haiku, their picks in fights between the 1986 New York Mets vs. the Combined Casts of the First Four Seasons of the Real World, a category 4 hurricane vs. that woman who wants to speak to the manager, & Logic vs. Imagination, the dating profiles of a barista, the boogeyman, & “Kevin”, and business pitches for a firing range in a town full of pacifists, selling insurance to immortals, & a strip club in a thrift store.

Want more of these three in their more natural habitat? Check out them playing games on YouTube, check them out at here and get all of what you enjoyed here, except a lot less pre-written!

STAB! 187 - Fun Having

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