Nov 27

STAB! 199 – NPR Baseball

Coming up at three we’ll talk to someone dry about something boring, but for the next two hours it’s reportage of the accumulated base hits, runs and other goings on in this afternoon’s base contests, involving bats, and balls.

In this oddly out of place episode of STAB!, John Morris Ross IV takes time to share time with Luke Soin, Jessica Deprez, Ryan King and Jesse Jones as they regale us with their four different HYMEN, twelve haiku about a nail clipping engagement ring, their thoughts on Montanna, Anna Fisher, X-Rays, Days of Our Lives, George W. Bush, Ignaz Seipel, Arco Arena, and Hong Kong riverboat accidents, the tourism guides of Conspiracy-theoria, No-one-knows-me-atopia, Toast Town, & Camp Whose-undies-are-these, and pick-up lines to and from the popcorn kernel that gets stuck in your mouth, a slinky, a guy who only wears basketball jerseys and shorts, & time.

And so, one team has clearly done better than the other, through their superior planning, preparation, and execution of the fundamentals of this, the greatest American game: Baseball. If you enjoy programs like these, we ask that you pick up the phone and become an evergreen member right now.

STAB! 199 - NPR Baseball

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