Jan 09

STAB! 202 – Galgaxicon the Malevolent

Duck the thunder balls over head in this episode of STAB! as Jesse Jones welcomes Cory Barringer, Jason B. and Melony Ford to share their three different VISAs, nine Aurora school bus driver drinking and driving Haiku, explanations of office politics to a basket of day old bread, panic to a too chill brah, and why they can’t to someone who’s NOT judging them, business pitches for a pants salesman in a city populated by cartoon animals, a real estate agent inside the world depicted on the side of a righteous van, & an underground fight club in a craft store, and the dating profiles of leftovers, anarchy, & Deb. It’s gonna be bitchin’.

STAB! 202 - Galgaxicon the Malevolent

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