Jan 17

STAB! 205 – Langston & Ferris

In this litigious episode of STAB!, senior partner John Morris Ross IV welcomes clerks Nick Coleman, Evan T. Lilley and Jesse Jones to deliver their three different COALs, nine haiku about a church elder soliciting sex with gift cards, their thoughts about nuclear power, Adolph Hitler, South Carolina cesession, ferry sinkings, World Youth Day, & the Cleveland Browns, their business pitches for a hookah lounge on a street where 3 other hookah lounges already exist, a charm bracelet salesman in a town full of handless people, & a knock off association aiming to replace the Girl Scouts of America, and erotic poems about the middle seat on an air plane, garden snails, & Ol’ Saint Nick.

STAB! 205 - Langston & Ferris

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