Mar 24

STAB! 217 – #IndisputableZeelandFacts

In this, the number one podcast in all of Zeeland, John Morris Ross IV welcomes Stephen Ferris, Kameron Schmid, Joe-Joe Louis, and Jesse Jones to share their four different BURRITOs, twelve Google searches from the type of person who stopped buying Corona beer because of the Corona Virus, their thoughts on Matt Beck, Susan Birmingham, Bayer aspirin, Walter Conkite, Nancy Reagan, roulette, the 1323 Treaty of Paris, and Clarence Birdseye, battle bap verses against books, bushes, children, and titties, synopsis of made-up movies, “Dad Beef”, “Violent Sparkle”, “Accessible Volcano Sister”, and “Camp Letter Limp”.

STAB! 217 - #IndisputableZeelandFacts

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