Aug 31

STAB! 230 – Beep-Beep, Boop-Boop, 10111

In this clickity-clack episode of the STAB! Show, host Jesse Jones boops panelists Alfonso Portela, Bill Wallis & Tyler Kinney to beep about their three different APMMs, their nine items on the break room Bulletin Board of Cobra headquarters, the campaign speeches of a Sitcom Dad running for Mayor of a town in a Coming Of Age Teen Party Movie, a spray bottle of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” running for President of the Fridge, & a Laptop with a Pocket Calculator running mate running against a Typewriter who’s running mate is a Smartphone, the Dating Profiles of a Box of Illegal Fireworks, Optional Guac, & a Small Reptile with a Cloak and Staff that lives in an old Dairy Queen cup, and business pitches for selling Instruction Manuals in the town of Gut-Feelings-burgh, a Hawaiian Shirt salesman in the Goth Club, & the owner of the last Brick & Mortar store in the year 2041.

STAB! 230 – Beep-Beep, Boop-Boop, 10111

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