Sep 11

STAB! 231 – Ro-MANIA!

Hallo an’ welcome to tha STAB! show! It will be a gud listen for yu when host Jesse Jones invitedly welcomes panelists Michelle Petro, Patrick Rogers & Alyssa Cowan to share with your family their three different AMUGs, nine haiku about the end of the NYT’s TV listings, closing arguments in defense of a still warm public bathroom toilet seat, ketchup flavored marshmallow peeps, & lingering public transport eye contact, the synopses of made-up movies “Magic Cats”, “Speed Midnight and the Lightbears”, & “The Teens of the Infinity”, and the tourism guides of Easy-Mistake-sylvania, Klepto-lahoma, & a house built in a Sims game by someone 5 ½ months into Quarantine.

STAB! 231 - Ro-MANIA!

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