Jan 05

STAB! 248 – Honk-Honk, Bark-Bark, Wowow!

In this craze-a-loo zowie WHAAA?!, episode of STAB!, host and bonkers whoozits, Jesse Jones welcomes yowza panelists Alyssa Cowan, Nick Pettigrew & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three NYE variants, bootleg versions of G.I. Joe, Super Mario Brothers, & the Power Puff Girls, the winners of classic fights including good news vs. imposter syndrome, an army of Ham radio operators vs. Gordon’s ex-wife, & Meh vs. Ehh, recipes for a dog park, that guy with the metal detector on the beach, & somebody who not only puts their cart back in the return area, but any other carts left out between their car and the cart return they’re taking their own cart to, and the tourism guides of Wowowow-sburgh, Monkeys-Paw Falls, & That’s-Not-What-I-Heard-ington.

STAB! 248 - Honk-Honk, Bark-Bark, Wowow!

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