Dec 30

STAB! 247 – A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2020

It’s the 2020 STAB! Year End Family Special! Where we get as many representatives from as many STAB! Comedy Theater shows as we can in one giant celebration of the year! In this festive episode of STAB!, Merry and Bright host Jesse Jones welcomes in Luke Soin, Jessica Deprez, Cory Barringer, Jaclyn Weiand, Buddy Dean, Skip Bacon, Santa Claus, David Coleman, Becky Lynn, Milk Surface, Stephen Ferris, Daniel Dessenich, Chris Khatami, Michelle Petro, Alyssa Cowan, David Shapiro & Melony Ford to share their takes on SANTA & ASS, nine $600 stimulus haiku, their reviews of stuffs including an Airbnb review for a manger in Bethlehem, a Rolling Stone review of the Little Drummer Boy’s second album, & the Annual Performance review of Autumn, the dating profiles of Amazon Prime, a snowman, & 2020, and business pitches, selling Milk & Cookies in a city populated entirely by Gingerbread People, a Union Rep in Santa’s Workshop, & Peace on Earth to Earth.

STAB! 247 - A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2020

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