Dec 25

STAB! 246 – Choose Your Own Rock

In this fine smelling cooking edition of the STAB! show, smack laying host Jesse Jones welcomes roody poo panelists Nick Coleman, Alex Shewmaker, & Marco Cabodi to share their three different FYDPs, pickup lines to or from a toll booth operator, the ticket redemption prizes in a bowling alley arcade, & Nintendo Power, recipes for a doomsday bunker, an imaginary friend, & that uncle who slips the kids a sip of his beer when the parents aren’t looking, craigslist postings for that old aircraft carrier you said you were going to restore someday, a dumpster full of fine art, & Neptune, and the synopsis of made-up movies “Jake Justice and the Blasters of the Past”, “Super-Dimensional Gorilla Driver”, & “The Death of Hell”.

STAB! 246 – Choose Your Own Rock

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