May 04

STAB! 258 – We Are All The Simpsons

In this yellow tinted hell of our own making, where every decision we make was long ago pre-determined in a writer’s room, lumbering oafish STAB! host Jesse Jones welcomes to his couch, panelists Jon Gomora, Milk Surface & Christiana Dominguez to share their three different GAAPs, bootleg versions of the Muppets, The Lord of the Rings, & the Simpsons, craigslist postings for a very particular set of skills, all this meat, & a kitchen full of cursed stuff, angry poems about perms, stability and security, & Taco Tuesday, the synopsis of made-up movies “The Professor From Hell”, “Freddie Maximum and the Ghost Bears”, & “The King of Computers”.

STAB! 258 - We Are All The Simpsons

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