May 11

STAB! 262 – Cow Cookings

Hallo unt velcome to the STAB! program. Your host Jesse Jones would like to offer you mangled flesh circles in the form of audio humor. The panel of Dylan Thomas Fox, Alex Shewmaker and Kim Martel has prepared a gorging of content for you to consume, including three different UDTs, bootleg versions of Jack in the Box, Gatorade, & Cap’n Crunch, reviews of things, including an Amazon review for Trees, a Rotten Tomatoes review of a Ham Sandwich, & a review of a Genie bought on Wish, dating profiles for someone named Tanner, the UPS Store, & a foodie, and the synopsis of new Fall TV shows “Passionate Boy”, “Sergeant Mighty & The Ghost Droids”, & “Hoarder Switch”.

STAB! 262 - Cow Cookings

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