May 17

STAB! 265 – Lower Case Punishment

You like word play? Sure you do! What’s not to love? And in this edition of the STAB! show, chock full of verbal gymnastics, your host Jesse Jones invites a panel of cunning linguists including Eric James Barger I, Willie Travis & Tyler Kinney to spin yarns about their three different takes on PAWCTN or NAWCTP, 9 haiku about the cancellation of 2021 Burning Man, campaign speeches from a packet of Taco Bell Mild Sauce running for Mayor of an apartment’s junk drawer, a Crayon drawing of Spider-Man running for a position on the fridge, & a Spencer’s Gifts zombie lawn gnome running for a position on the backyard council, reviews of stuff, like a review of electricity as appearing in an 1882 edition of the Albany Gazette Ledger Tribune, an Entertainment Weekly review of an elementary school talent show, & a Game Informer review of marriage, and tourism guides for “Hoity upon Toityshire”, “Volume-achusetts” & “Acception-to-the-rulington”.

STAB! 265 - Lower Case Punishment

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