May 25

STAB! 268 – Where Else Has Quigley Been?

You need more magnificent mustache in your life, WE need more magnificent mustache in our life, and we at the STAB! show do what we can to provide, as fur faced host Jesse Jones welcomes regrettably smooth panelists Christiana and Nick Pettigrew to share their two unique takes on NQR, six haiku about the failures of mega-rich love, campaign speeches from a be-Cheese Whizzed stick of celery running for Mayor of Thanksgiving Dinner, & a top hat running for a position on the City Council in Monopoly, wedding vows to having to resort to wearing a bathing suit as underwear, & all of the minor inconveniences in “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette, and reviews, including a Yelp review of the Death Star, & gas station food as reviewed by Bon Appetit Magazine.

STAB! 268 - Where Else Has Quigley Been?

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