Jun 07

STAB! 291 – Flamingos Are Chickens

In this zoologically challenging episode of the STAB! show, your somewhat pink host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of clucks Coreen Lemcke, Bill Wallis & Jordan Gannon to share their various takes on CALTRANS, nine Halloween haiku, closing arguments in defense of stepping barefoot on a stray Lego in the middle of the night, finding Polaroid porn of your parents while helping them move, & candy corn, those little wax bottles of juice and tiny Tootsie Rolls, craigslist ads selling a collection of various sandwich bags filled with the souls of the damned, Polaroid Porn of your parents that you found while helping them move, & child like wonder and innocence, Captain Rush & The Ghost Kids, The Heart Throb Hobgoblin, & Sensation Snatchers.

STAB! 291 - Flamingos Are Chickens

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