Jun 08

STAB! 292 – Surprise Mayonnaise

In this unexpectedly creamy episode of the STAB! show, big dumb man host Jesse Jones welcomes a putting up with him panel of Jaclyn Weiand, Ashley Monique & Molly Doan to share their three HPDJs, bootleg Flintstones, The Matrix, & Squid Game, celebrations of the Wagon Train, Nellie Tayloe Ross, & Ralph Macchio, vows to corporate greed, turkey bacon, & that person who waves you through the intersection even though they clearly have the right of way and should be going first, and small business pitches for a skin care kiosk in a city populated entirely by zombies, a door to door retirement village crypto currency salesperson, & teaching a bullying seminar in a town full of pacifists.

STAB! 292 – Surprise Mayonnaise

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