Jun 16

STAB! 297 – Sexy Car Crash

In this vehicular man candy episode of the STAB! show, host, and steamy pile of mangled flesh Jesse Jones welcomes a ruggedly handsome and medically talented panel of Rhoda Ramone, Stephen Ferris & Christy Farley to share their three takes on YTBD, bootlegs of ER, South Park, & The Matrix, winners of fights between the Holiday Spirit vs. January credit card bills, an advent calendar filled with other advent calendars vs. a stack of Honey Baked Ham Store gift cards brought to life by the wish of a plate of mashed potatoes, & a pot of coffee powered by the essence of Bath & Body Works scented candles vs. a fist full or Ambien with the strength of ten outraged Starbucks seasonal cup change protestors, angry poems about charity, clarity, & rarity, and business pitches for organizing office Christmas parties for Amazon distribution centers, selling old silk hats to snowmen, & “Get Off The Naughty List Quick” seminars in the the village of Goody-two-shoes-ington.

STAB! 297 – Sexy Car Crash

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