Jan 20

STAB! #3 on Stitcher’s “Top Movers”

We at STAB! don’t like to brag, I mean, we weren’t even going to talk about it, but you brought it up, but since you did I guess we’ll talk about it. I mean, we were just #3 on the “Top Movers” list on Stitcher for the last week. That’s all. I mean, it’s no big deal, we just jumped like, 18,000+ spaces on the Stitcher podcast rankings. No bigs.


I mean, check out Christian Worldview Thinking: they jumped up 15,189 spots, and they had over two BILLION like minded thinkers at their back. All I’m saying is that STAB! is bigger than the worldview of Christian thinking. Two whole spots bigger. 1,180 ranks bigger. But, pshh, whatever right?

So why not take a second and check out the show that made one of this planet’s largest religious philosophies look like a night club flyer stuck under your windshield at 2am. STAB!: It’s that serious*!

* It’s not that serious.

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