Jan 20

STAB! 009 – Lady Ladies are the best ladies

Hey Bitch! Get off your “hi horse” (sorry, I just saw a horse)…as I was saying, get off your lover and put your earbuds in the side parts of your head. Do it now! STAB! will wait…Get ready for your minds to be blown as STAB! includes two ladies at once. And they have names too! One’s called Corinne Nelson and the other one’s probably called something too. Hey it’s that horse again!

I can’t wait to tell you what went on in this episode, so here it is now. Something about womankind, WWII, Monoply, A Bee Gee, ISIS, Barren Wombs, Zumba, Chili and genocide…oh and beheadings….oh and her name is Giuliana Gabrielli! You know, the girl I mentioned earlier…oh and Jesse Jones too…you you know…the guy I almost didn’t mention from just now.

STAB! 009 – Lady Ladies are the best ladies

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