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Dec 26

STAB! 100 – The Gang’s All Here

So it’s finally here. You know, when we started expressing our episode numbers with three digits, some might have thought it presumptuous. We did too. But now it looks like we did it on purpose. For the 100th (ish) time, John Ross STAB!s at guests Edgar Granados, Rhoda Ramone, Stephen Ferris, Danielle Mandella, Ben Rice, …

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Jan 20

STAB! 009 – Lady Ladies are the best ladies

Hey Bitch! Get off your “hi horse” (sorry, I just saw a horse)…as I was saying, get off your lover and put your earbuds in the side parts of your head. Do it now! STAB! will wait…Get ready for your minds to be blown as STAB! includes two ladies at once. And they have names …

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