Jul 28

STAB! 309 – Arnold Snort+Guffaw Rabbit Hole

In this (unintelligible) of the STAB! show, (guttural noises) Jesse Jones welcomes (yowling and shorts) Jason Whitesel, Brett Stults & Willie Travis to share their three takes on JESUS, bootlegs of Mr. Magoo, Street Sharks, & Face Off, closing arguments in defense of accidental reply all, peeing a little bit when you sneeze, & taking a shower at a friend’s house, dating profiles for one of those Garfield collectible juice glasses from the 80s, oxygen, & a thrift store, and tourism guides to Pub-crawl-sylvania, What’s-that-smell-sburgh, & Hunksville.

STAB! 309 – Arnold Snort+Guffaw Rabbit Hole

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